Friday, November 6, 2009

BYU vs New Mexico Women's Soccer Video

This is video showed on ESPN SportsCenter of a women's soccer match between BYU vs. New Mexico. New Mexico women's soccer player, Elizabeth Lambert #15 wouldn't be kicked out of a MMA match with some of those moves.All I can say if you have children reading blogs with you, you may want to ask them to leave the room, this is ugly.

Here is the quote from New Mexico's coach Kit Vela, after the game: "We showed a lot of character out there tonight... I think we dished out everything we were getting and it was a heck of a game." I was going to past a link to the quotes but New Mexico has since removed that paragraph from their website.

So my question is, are these actions coming from the player acting independently or encouraged by the coach? It doesn't seem any discipline will come from the coach, and after the debacle that is New Mexico's athletic program this year, is New Mexico going to take any disciplinary actions? If this happened in football or basketball the NCAA would come down hard and fast, since it is women's soccer I am doubtful anything will happen but hope I am wrong.