Friday, October 16, 2009

Going through some photos the other day...
Ahhh....remembering the skinny days!

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Valeni said...

What a good looking group of young men! I hope you are all very strong in the testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now the rest of this is to comment on my take on the talk given by Elder Oaks. I believe if you pick it apart you will see that if you have a testimony of the gospel you will have to live your religion to defend freedoms effectively. You can't slip up and commit a sin (like getting angry while discussing issues) or you are lost. Elder Oaks is a former federal judge with great experience and insight, and a prophet of God with inspiration and guidance in the use of his experience. I suggest we all study what he says so we can better be able to live our religion and there by better defend it from the adversary.

Great talk and just so you know who I am. Dane's Dad